Can I make my life count?



Earlier this week I was talking to friend Naomi about the concerns of different age demographics. I’m interested in the topic because as a storyteller, marketer, freelancer and budding new media mogul, I need to know and understand my audience. As they say, “if you try to sell to everyone, you’ll end up selling to no one.” Or put in another context, if you want to have a popular blog you have to understand who your audience is and write to them. The counter-intuitive logic is the more specific your niche, the bigger the audience.  Go broad, and you have no audience.

So the question I asked is what are the concerns of people in my age bracket? That sounded like a decent place to start narrowing down the demographics of my audience.

According to Facebook analytics, the majority of the readers of my Zen Motivation page fall between the ages of 35 – 54 (34% women 23% men). Incidentally, of the total readers, 62% are women, 37% men. I’ll assume the blog has a similar demographic.

According to Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, people in my age bracket’s main concern is care. Their psychosocial crisis is generativity vs stagnation. Their significant relationship is household and workmates. Their existential question is ‘can I make my life count?’

I think the question ‘can I make my life count?’ holds true for me. I’m on this crusade of trying to make sure I wasn’t just a passenger in this world but did something to make a difference, to have had an impact on the larger question of the human condition.

How best to do that is the thorn in my side. I probably spend more time on that question than I do doing anything of significance.

Let me know your thoughts.

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