Finding the quiet in your day


They say how you do one thing is how you do everything. And as the busyness of autumn hits, I’m trying to preserve a little of the headspace I found this summer. That means searching out little spaces in my day for quiet.

For me that’s the ten minute walk down the canal after I’ve dropped the kids off at school. It’s quiet. There is water and ducks and the occasional longboat. It’s the nearest I get to Zen in my day. So I’m taking advance and using that time to “walk to work” and let my mind wander.

Being present is great. Seriously important. And the yogi and meditating side of me is determined to make time for that too.

But what I’m looking for here is different.

It’s open time.

It’s what I experienced this summer on our camping trip in Scotland, hours of driving through beautiful scenery that gives your mind space to wander. To think. Or not think. To be present or to mull over something.

This thing I’m looking for is time to be quiet and have no agenda.

Because in the rest of the day, I’ve got lots of agendas. I’ve got my meditation to do. I’ve got to get the kids ready for school. Then I’ve got loads of my own work.  Even things I love doing during the day carry an agenda, however pleasant.

So for these ten minutes, I walk home along the canal.  I “walk to work” and I let myself have no agenda. I don’t rush. I let my mind meander over different possibilities.

I let a little bit of space exist that isn’t productive and isn’t planned and isn’t filled with something already.

I hope that if I do this ‘one thing’, everything else will somehow feel the effects.

I’ve definitely taken a page out of Clay’s book on this one, as he’s a avid walker-thinker. But what about you all? Do you do this already? Are there other ways you carve out space in your day to have ‘no agenda’ and to open out some mental space? I would love to hear ideas!

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