Link Love: Are you a boundary master or walking disaster?, When pushing through it isn’t working for you anymore, and the self is an illusion


What’s up Dharma Bums.

Welcome to our weekly round-up, featuring things we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to lately. There’s a blend of all things: transcendence, contemplation, nature, the mad mad world, and well, whatever else caught our fancy.

Hope you enjoy clicking your way through them!

☯️ Just this week someone was talking to me about setting clear boundaries and then this appeared: Are you a boundary master or a walking disaster?  Oh and there’s a quiz!

☯️ When “Pushing Through It” Isn’t Working for You Anymore. This Is How to Rally…

☯️ Our thoughts are some crazy wicked things sometimes. Your thoughts will drag you down in a heartbeat if you let ‘em. Well don’t. Here 13 things to remember when you think you’re not good enough

☯️ To sell happiness, they first make you feel like shit.

☯️ Oh, how we like to run from silences and fill up empty space. Well here’s how to stop running from space.

☯️ Should you ditch your smartphone? I’m already screaming no! But don’t listen to me.

☯️ The Mind Is a Difference-Seeking Machine

☯️ I am the burger master, but this might be too much, even for me.

☯️ Scientist studying psychoactive drugs accidentally proved the self is an illusion

☯️ And since it’s Friday, read this story and get even happier.

Peace and Love to you!

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