“I’d rather be a pirate, than join the navy.” Me too!


I’m a bit late getting this out.

I meant to publish this yesterday, but I was a victim of too many distractions, too little time.

As I write this editor’s note, it is 5 AM, which I realise for some of you, still constitutes the night time, so this should be ready for you by the time you have your first cup of coffee.

I had an overall decent weekend. Anytime I get a chance to get out into the hills is a good day.

I wandered fairly close to home into the Malvern Hills around Hollybush. I had a route to follow which I downloaded from the Malvern Hills walking website. The only thing it turned out to be good for was finding the carpark. And even that I would have missed if it hadn’t been for a bunch of sheep who’d decided to make the middle of the road their leisure spot.

Since I couldn’t find the trailhead indicated on my little printout, I made my own. It’s better that way anyway, to make your own path. I had a map and a compass, that’s all I really needed anyway.

The Malvern Hills span three counties – Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and a small tip of northern Gloucestershire.

The highest point is only 425 meters, so perfect for ambling along on a Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, I was going to go to the Battle of Britain parade in Banbury but ended up in Leamington Spa instead. At least the Thunder-god was kind to the marchers. The sky had been threatening rain all morning, but perhaps in deference to the fallen sky warriors, the thunder-god held back the rain.

Meanwhile, I ended up here:

Spending my leftover birthday cash from grandma and grandpa (I guess you’re never too old to get a little cash from the grandparents).

I stumbled up these two books:

The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards and Be More Pirate.

I’m excited about the Way of Tarot on a number of levels. One, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Tarot lately and using them for the express purpose of spiritual development, not divination. Second, I’ve been reunited with my Taoist practices, Tao, of course, meaning The Way. The Tao is all ways. The Tao of Tarot excites me.

More on that later.

For now, I have to resume my regularly scheduled Monday.

  1. The headline quote, “I’d rather be a pirate than join the navy” is accredited to Steve Jobs.

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