So much more than we see…


Did you know physicists are developing an all-encompassing theory of Reality? I came across this video recently on Emergence Theory…


Now, I’m not sure about the whole “layman” part, because I still didn’t understand half of it (and that’s generous).

But what I did understand was AMAZING!

This is a theory that could bring together quantum physics with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…the two versions of reality scientists currently use to describe reality at the micro and macro levels (which at the moment seem to contradict each other).

Emergence Theory is the beginning of a potential THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

And while I didn’t understand most of it. But what is really fun for me as a spirit-seeking science lover is that this is the moment where mysticism & spirit merge with science in complete agreement… There is SO MUCH MORE TO REALITY THAN WE PERCEIVE.

Perhaps, as we discussed in a recent episode of the Wayseeking Podcast on Shamanism, there are different non-ordinary realities that can be accessed through shamanic techniques and visions.

Perhaps there are different realities in the fourth and eighth dimensions we 3D humans cannot perceive.

What is clear is that there really is a magical world beyond this mundane reality and whether we are connected with it or whether we lose touch with it, it’s there waiting for us to discover.

Happy days Wayseekers!

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