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What are your simple pleasures?

We have a tendency to get bogged down in the hustle and bustle of the day, finding hard to unwind sometimes. And even our winding down becomes a chore, like “I have to meditate” or “I have to exercise.” We have to check it off of our list, forgetting that quality is better than quantity in this instance. Which got me thinking about simple pleasures - the things you do when you want to drop off the grid and forget about “life” for a while. For me it’s reading heroic fantasy novels like Elric of Melnibone or Conan the Barbarian, or The Dragon and the George. Another is slowly sipping my favourite whiskey. Or just kicking back and turning my tunes up really loud and just sit listening without multi-tasking, surfing the Net, cleaning or shuffling paper...simple sitting and listening.

Anyway, what’s your simple pleasures?

I'm determined to make my walk home from school one of my simple pleasures. Inspired by your thinking and walking. Letting my mind wander.

I am also back to reading lots of fiction in the evenings. The great part about getting hooked on a book is that a lot of my guilt 'I shouldn't be reading, I should be doing something productive' mental stuff going away because I'm just desperate to find out what happens next or get back into that world. So fantasy and romance novels for me in the evenings. SOOO much more enjoyable than losing that hour to scrolling FB and Instagram!